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Love Test # 1

Instructions:Print out the quiz below.Ask your partner the questions and circle their answers,asking why and explaining is allowed.When done count the yes answers to find out their score!.

1)Your partner likes to makeout for long peroids of time. YES NO

2)Your partner loves to sing.YES NO

3)Your partner's fave food is healthly food. YES NO

4)Do you still love your parnter as much as you did when you 1st met and why? YES NO

5)do you remember the day you met.Give date,time,day,and what you did and what happened.YES NO

6)do you still find him/her good looking,what makes them good looking.YES NO

7) Do you wish your partner had more or something different such as bigger boobs,butt,private,etc....YES NO

8)have you ever cheated on him/her or wanted to be with someone else.YES NO

9)do you want to marry your partner, and why.YES NO

10)do you like touching your partner.What is one thing non- sexual you partner likes to be done to him/her.YES NO

11)You know your partners phone # by heart,prove it.YES NO

12)do you think your partnter wants to marry you.why.YES NO

13)If your partner(if your a guy) go preg would you stay or leave.why. YES NO

14)does your partner have any sexual infection from someone else such as std or hiv.who.YES NO

15)does your partner satisfy you in bed,why. YES NO

16)do you trust him/her,why. YES NO

17)do think about partner when your no with him/her,how many times a day,and when.YES NO

18)are you ashamed of your partner,why.YES NO

19)Is your partner is funny,whats 3 of his/her fave joke.YES NO

20)would you cry if your partner went missing,killed,or hurt.why and what else would you do.YES NO

21)you feel in love with him/her quickly,how soon and whats the MAIN reason why.YES NO

22)Do you think he/she only is with you for sex,money,looks,etc.why YES NO

23)Are you with your partner for sex,money,looks,etc...why. YES NO

24)If it was your partner's B-day would you get them a present,what would it be and why. YES NO

25)Its your 1 or 2 yr mark,would you spend it with him/her,how would you guys spend the day,why. YES NO

26)your partner is a good kisser,why. YES NO




30)Express to your love why,how much you love ,and your true feeling towards him/her.


More than 20 yes, you and him/her are perfect.You seem to be a match like no other, stay together this guy/girl is the one for you.

More than 10 yes well you guys sure got a long road ahead but you guys will make it,just talk more and spend more time together.

Less than 10 yes,Theres tons of issues here, you should talk more about issues and theses questions so you can get to the root of the issue.